Janet Kingsley



Welcome, I invite you to take a deep relaxing breath, roll your shoulders to loosen the tension and pull your steaming mug of hot brew to your lips and read into the Janet I would most like for you to know.


I was raised on the banks of the Mississippi River in small town Minnesota where summer nights were made for playing hide-and-go-seek to the flickering of lightening bugs and summer days were spent swimming in one of the many surrounding lakes.  Acres upon acres of Northern Minnesota wilderness were my playground throughout the year.


The Pacific Northwest began calling my name with the first visit when I was twelve years old.  This whisper sat in the back of my thoughts until my next visit when my daughter was all of three months old.  The beckoning finger finally drew me to move me and my daughter to Bellingham, Washington in 1994.


There isn’t much in life that doesn’t interest me, at least to some degree.  I care deeply about Mother Earth and the human effect upon her back.  Her tears and joys are mine.  The concept of space fascinates me and, at times, I find myself wondering what it would be like to travel beyond into the stars.  Even mathematics draws my attention when the conversation turns toward Sacred Geometry.  But what most interests me is people, drawing inspiration from their enjoyments, lending compassion to their sorrows and upholding them in the journey they have chosen for themselves


I am a Mother, this being the grandest event of my life that gives me reason to be the best me I can be.  My own daughter was born in 1988 and there have been many other children to find a warm heart under my wing.  Edible gardening is a beloved past time and I can often be found in the kitchen creatively concocting a new recipe to feed a table full of friends or family.  Many really great books have been devoured by my voracious reading appetite and many mountain trails have seen the soles of my boots.  Making home a comfortable and inviting place to rest one’s soul is my greatest passion.


My journey into bodywork and natural healing began with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia when my daughter was only ten years old.  It was with a thorough change of nutritional intake, new exercise habits, being the regular client on a massage table and diving deep into the inner wisdom of my body that I was blessed with healing.  My natural curiosity led me to first learning and applying Reiki to my everyday life and then into the halls of Whatcom Community College in pursuit of an Associate’s Degree in Massage Therapy, graduating in 2007.  It was while in massage school that I became curious about the abdomen and quickly made plans to continue my education in Clinical Visceral Massage Therapy.


Thank you for dropping in.  I look forward to the day we might meet.


Namaste ~



Janet helped me understand anatomically what hurt and why, which began to diminish my fears and distrust of my body. Working with Janet has shown me the power of healing with massage and this modality was the only way to resolve the contorted tissues and allow the return to a normal flowing, synchronized, wholeness. ~GT

Unprecedented. I cleaned my entire house. I was totally invigorated, fully in my body, in my belly. Your work is working on me. Thank you so much. ~ MK

I left Janet’s office with the pain and pressure I had been feeling in my face relieved … I noticed I was experiencing a sense a freedom from something painful that I could never quite put my finger on! ~CP

Having never experienced abdominal massage before, I was elated by the accessibility of issues and the ease with which those issues were able to be acknowledged and transformed.  It is a pleasure to allow Janet to be my partner and witness in my healing journey. ~LW



Over the last 15 years I've received hundreds of massages, and it feels like everyone of those massages was preparing me for this one with Janet. The environment was amazing, I left feeling lighter and more centered than any other therapist I have been to. By the way, she only worked on my abdominal muscles. That's it. When I left, my back, neck and joints all felt more loose and fluid. It was also more relaxing than any full body massage I have ever received. Would highly, highly recommend it. ~ JN

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